You might be one of the people that struggle with weight. You have tried many diets and exercises, but they are not working. Diets are seasonal, they come and go. However, weight watchers have been there for more than 45 years. This is a program that does not limit what you take in but only watches the portion and count points using a weight watchers points calculator. Let us see how they work.

How does weight watchers work?

This program is very basic. Weight watchers has four pillars which include:

  • Exercise
  • Food
  • Behavior

This program can help you make changes that will incorporate into a lifestyle. It will change how you feel and think. It is not a quick fix, but it is a long-term change. However, weight watchers has been known to be expensive. The cheapest you can get it is 60dollars per month. Imagine getting the program for free.

Weight watchers for free.

You can still benefit a lot from trying to get weight watches for free. You can do so by following the following tips.

  • Ask around.

You can ask your family and friends who have tried weight watchers how their experience was and how effective the program was. Through this means, you will be able to get insight about the program without paying anything. Ask for their advice about weight watchers and weight in general. They will probably give you the information that they were given in meetings.

  • Borrow kit

Look for someone who has already tried this program before. Borrow the weight watchers kit from him/her. This kit comes with a food journal, food pocket guide, tips on eating healthy and a free weight watchers points calculator tool.

  • Free online tools.

There are so many free online tools. Try to locate them. You can stumble upon a number of resources that offer weight watchers point calculator for free. This calculator will make it very easy for you to calculate your meals per day and remember your points. You can also look for off-line resources that could be helpful.

  • Visit the library.

There is no place that has more information than the library and internet. You have already checked the internet, now it is time to visit the library. Try to find weight watchers magazine. It will have advice on healthier living styles. You will also find weight loss and menu tips. You can borrow this magazine from the library.

  • Free meetings.

Take advantage of those weight watchers free meetings in your locale. There are free monthly meeting for starters. If you have a friend who is a paying member, you can ask her to allow you to tug along and request a free pass for you. In this meeting, you can decide if you think this is the program for you.

  • Take advantage of trial periods.

Every first timer is issued a waive on their fees. Be always on the lookout for free meetings. Always check the website.

All you need for this is a computer, knowledge of how the weight watchers points calculator works, a calculator and library access. How free can this get! Remember to consult with your physician before starting this program.